Pain and Betrayal Welcomed Us


Entering into the world, darkness turns to light. Muffled sounds becoming clearer as the emergence is finished. No longer bound inside the body of another, now ready to learn and grow. Peacefulness is short lived as from my mother I am taken. In a new room to a plastic surface I am laid. I sense something is not right as my arms and legs are now secured by straps. I feel air rush over my groin as my covering is removed. I scream out in protest but only to be ignored. I feel a sharp pain, then another as they prep me. Numbness comes over but does not fully take hold. As I scream, placed into my mouth in an attempt to silence me a gag coated with sugar. There it is a sharp slice has been made to the area where the numbing had not made. Tears roll down the sides of my face, my hands clenched in terror my knuckles turning white. Why, why is this being done to me? I feel myself slipping into an unnatural calm, this is not sleep. I am in shock unable to further show my rage at what has been done. Returned now to the room from which I was taken faces welcome me back in false understanding of my recent torment. It is in this moment trust has been lost. As a male by birth welcomed by pain and betrayal.


FGM is being fought, while MGM is being justified.

The illogical divide on what should and is not to be considered genital mutilation is disheartening. When the world fights to end one because of the damage and harm it causes while ignoring the same in the other makes me scratch my head. Why is one inherently worse than the other. Now don’t get me wrong I know that type 3 for females is the most abhorrent type out there to my knowledge, but hear me out. Other than that there are comparisons that can be made between them and MGM. Both are forced upon children, both take sensation and pleasure away, both are said to have benefits, both are said to be for religion or cultural standards and both are forms of control.

Most who argue against FGM argue because they say it is to deny sexual pleasure to the female, by that logic then it reduces men sexual pleasure as well. Sadly people dismiss this and states it does not reduce any pleasure. Again logic would dictate that the amputation of nerve enriched tissue, the loss of that tissue take sensitivity away.

Here in the United States religious freedom is considered very important to ones self, children when born are supposed to have all the freedoms imbued upon them and this should include religious freedom. However parents will mark their children in their religion, not the child as they have not been able to decide for themselves yet. Where am I going with this you ask? Well there is a law here in the States that protects girls from ALL forms of cutting even for religious and cultural reasons. Boys are still forced to undergo religious and cultural cutting because if they were included, the law would not have been passed. Society decided long ago that boys need not be be protected. We are taught at young ages to be tough and to be as if nothing hurts us. This is part of why I believe society does not see it as the same when it comes to protection. Society has been conditioned over centuries and millennia to protect women at all costs, bot not males. Women were seen as weak and fragile so they needed the protections. Men on the other hand are told to suck it up and get over anything that we see as being harmful to us.

It is seen as a human rights violation when a girl is cut, but not when a boy is. This to me makes it clear that society sees males as not important enough to be treated in the same manner. Why else would there be such outrage about FGM, while there is little care for the human rights of boys?

There are a handful of groups working hard to shine a light on the hypocrisy of the United States and who they feel should be protected. One such group is the Bloodstained Men, who protest across the nation and upload their videos to YouTube. I have protested with them and plan on doing more in the future. Another is YourWholeBaby which gives out information online about MGM, going into detail about everything you could want to know including the care of an intact infant. I plan on making entries about them in the future with links available so you can check them out.

As for now I am #TheAllowedDamaged and never would I have consented.

Aesthetically damaged

The obsession for aesthetics has caused many males issues, except it was not their choice. Society has pushed the “cut” look so much that it has become the standard. American media constantly portrays the natural male phallus as dirty, disgusting and undesirable. It has become so interwoven with unpleasantness that mothers constantly on social media shame men who are unaltered.

They go as far as while explaining why they are opting for it for their sons to explain they would never perform oral on a man left natural, by getting their son cut they are “ensuring” he will never have that problem.

They impose their sexual preference upon their own children and believe that he will find a partner as shallow as she is. I say shallow because any man who has made a comment negatively about a womans body has been told he is being shallow. There are women who would scold anyone who would suggest altering their body to fit his desire, yet there are mothers who are preemptively altering their sons for just this reason for the sons future partner. Why is this acceptable?

These women often have others backing them up after being influenced for years to believe what should be an acceptable looking penis. These are probably the same women that celebrate all the different shapes of labia. There are art projects to the different labia of women, large and small, thick and thin. There are pictures painting labia as flowers blooming while critiques of the foreskin are comparing it to images of an anteater, turtle neck, elephant trunk and anything else that erodes the idea of appeal. It is often shown in relation to feminine power. Foreskin however in America has become synonymous with ugliness and shame.

The double standards of what is acceptable for genitalia in way of looks if very telling. The sexuality of women has become very celebrated as of late while male sexuality has been demonized.

Fathers have become complacent. Remembering back to their teenage years they remember how difficult and awkward sexual relations were back then. They in turn are willing to do anything that might make it easier for their sons, because of the social standard they dare not allow their son anything that might impede in this endeavor. Knowing that the major consensus among the American women is that foreskin is deemed disgusting they opt for it to be amputated. Never having known themselves the many lost nerves within the foreskin, off it goes without second thought.

We injure our sons in a attempt to seek what is considered the desired aesthetic while taking away the desired pleasure.

The Lost among us

This 4th of July when you think about freedom and independence remember those who lost their freedom, the the lives lost at a young age. I am not talking about soldiers, I am talking about baby boys who never were able to see the age of 1 because a unnecessary surgery was forced upon them.

Every year there are a number of boys who die due to circumcision. The hemorrhage and bleed out, or complications like infections setting in.

Whenever I bring up that around 100 die like this each year I am met with a response of “that’s not many” or “that’s not a lot”, let that sink in. How many boys have to die from this before its unacceptable? At what point do we say we have hit the point of concern? What is the number society is willing to accept before it finally realizes it’s not worth the risk for a surgery that is purely cosmetic when done to an infant?

Below is a link about the boys who have died from circumcision, please read and ask why risk it?

The Mental Disconnect of Parents

These are but a few of the common attitudes seen towards the cutting of boys. Some parents will either try and somehow act as if they are the ones in pain while their boys are having tissue that is perfectly healthy and able to do the functions it is responsible for amputated, others are surprised there sons put up a fight against this barbarity while being completely oblivious to the harm they are allowing to be inflicted upon them and then there are the parents who have a total lack of compassion along with full ignorance of the situation by being inappropriate in their levity.

I have seen posts where mothers justify the cutting by stating they would never give oral to a man who was not circumcised, pushing their sexual preferences upon their sons as if to say they speak for all women. Some even goes as far as to shame the natural body of their sons in a fashion that would cause a uproar of anger if a man said something along the lines about a daughter.

Some have called their sons penises cute, have talked about how nurses have complimented their son on his freshly circumcised penis, pedophilic speech that otherwise would cause concern.

Fathers as well stating now there should be no issue in future sex partners refusing to go down on their sons. Fathers who themselves have never know what it is they missed out on as they too had it forced upon them and refuse to research in fear of what they may find.

Many parents admit that it is for cosmetic reasons, not medical. They would rather force their child be to conform to a societal standard of perfection than find it on their own. They use outdated fears of taunting in locker rooms, fear of girls making fun of him and irrational stigmas to perpetuate reasoning they feel is sound to allow the surgery.

New Name and mission.

The primary objective is to point out the indifference to the men who have suffered at the misguided belief that circumcision is not harmful. There are many men who have been negatively impacted by circumcision having been done to them as a child and the majority of the time are told basically it’s okay because most men are fine. We are told straight to our faces and online that we were botched and it happens, stop complaining. While yes many surgeries have the potential to have complications, unnecessary ones that end in complications while being done to a child is abhorrent.

There are infants who never get to enjoy a first birthday. Often to this when stated it is around a hundred a year, the justification I often here is that’s not many. My response is usually until it’s your child, right? Every week I am seeing a new article or post about a child whose circumcision did not go right and has to endure another surgery to fix the complications of the first. When will people notice it is not uncommon for complications to happen. How many of us will it take before we have hit the threshold of the allowed damaged?


I just love how all religion loves to blame us for everything that they do. They say that we are trying to indoctrinate young kids into being gay, but let’s take a look at who’s really indoctrinating kids.
Once you are born any religious family there are rituals are performed when you’re not even old enough to think. Ritual such as baptisms, and christenings.  Then you’re taking the church every sunday what do you want to or not, then Sunday school,  first communion, and if your parents are really into it a school of your denomination.  While we are only trying to inform it is the religious who are indoctrinating kids!