The Mental Disconnect of Parents

These are but a few of the common attitudes seen towards the cutting of boys. Some parents will either try and somehow act as if they are the ones in pain while their boys are having tissue that is perfectly healthy and able to do the functions it is responsible for amputated, others are surprised there sons put up a fight against this barbarity while being completely oblivious to the harm they are allowing to be inflicted upon them and then there are the parents who have a total lack of compassion along with full ignorance of the situation by being inappropriate in their levity.

I have seen posts where mothers justify the cutting by stating they would never give oral to a man who was not circumcised, pushing their sexual preferences upon their sons as if to say they speak for all women. Some even goes as far as to shame the natural body of their sons in a fashion that would cause a uproar of anger if a man said something along the lines about a daughter.

Some have called their sons penises cute, have talked about how nurses have complimented their son on his freshly circumcised penis, pedophilic speech that otherwise would cause concern.

Fathers as well stating now there should be no issue in future sex partners refusing to go down on their sons. Fathers who themselves have never know what it is they missed out on as they too had it forced upon them and refuse to research in fear of what they may find.

Many parents admit that it is for cosmetic reasons, not medical. They would rather force their child be to conform to a societal standard of perfection than find it on their own. They use outdated fears of taunting in locker rooms, fear of girls making fun of him and irrational stigmas to perpetuate reasoning they feel is sound to allow the surgery.


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