The Lost among us

This 4th of July when you think about freedom and independence remember those who lost their freedom, the the lives lost at a young age. I am not talking about soldiers, I am talking about baby boys who never were able to see the age of 1 because a unnecessary surgery was forced upon them.

Every year there are a number of boys who die due to circumcision. The hemorrhage and bleed out, or complications like infections setting in.

Whenever I bring up that around 100 die like this each year I am met with a response of “that’s not many” or “that’s not a lot”, let that sink in. How many boys have to die from this before its unacceptable? At what point do we say we have hit the point of concern? What is the number society is willing to accept before it finally realizes it’s not worth the risk for a surgery that is purely cosmetic when done to an infant?

Below is a link about the boys who have died from circumcision, please read and ask why risk it?


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