Aesthetically damaged

The obsession for aesthetics has caused many males issues, except it was not their choice. Society has pushed the “cut” look so much that it has become the standard. American media constantly portrays the natural male phallus as dirty, disgusting and undesirable. It has become so interwoven with unpleasantness that mothers constantly on social media shame men who are unaltered.

They go as far as while explaining why they are opting for it for their sons to explain they would never perform oral on a man left natural, by getting their son cut they are “ensuring” he will never have that problem.

They impose their sexual preference upon their own children and believe that he will find a partner as shallow as she is. I say shallow because any man who has made a comment negatively about a womans body has been told he is being shallow. There are women who would scold anyone who would suggest altering their body to fit his desire, yet there are mothers who are preemptively altering their sons for just this reason for the sons future partner. Why is this acceptable?

These women often have others backing them up after being influenced for years to believe what should be an acceptable looking penis. These are probably the same women that celebrate all the different shapes of labia. There are art projects to the different labia of women, large and small, thick and thin. There are pictures painting labia as flowers blooming while critiques of the foreskin are comparing it to images of an anteater, turtle neck, elephant trunk and anything else that erodes the idea of appeal. It is often shown in relation to feminine power. Foreskin however in America has become synonymous with ugliness and shame.

The double standards of what is acceptable for genitalia in way of looks if very telling. The sexuality of women has become very celebrated as of late while male sexuality has been demonized.

Fathers have become complacent. Remembering back to their teenage years they remember how difficult and awkward sexual relations were back then. They in turn are willing to do anything that might make it easier for their sons, because of the social standard they dare not allow their son anything that might impede in this endeavor. Knowing that the major consensus among the American women is that foreskin is deemed disgusting they opt for it to be amputated. Never having known themselves the many lost nerves within the foreskin, off it goes without second thought.

We injure our sons in a attempt to seek what is considered the desired aesthetic while taking away the desired pleasure.


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